Frequently Asked Questions

Many times we find patrons to be unfamiliar with what exactly to look for in a security company. Although J3 Protective services can offer you trust, professionalism, and quality performance, there is so much more to consider when it comes to protective services. In our typical business fashion, we want to make it easy to answer questions that should be considered.

Q: Why should I consider a Locally Owned security company versus a National Chain?

A: At a locally owned level, like J3 Protective Services, you’re going to get much more attention in understanding what fits your exact needs. In addition, instead of waiting to be the next person on the phone, you will have the ability to go straight to the source and contact the supervisor whenever it is convenient for you.

Q: What should I look for in a security firm?

A: The most important thing to look for is an established licensed and insured company. Here at J3 Protective Services our company maintains insurance with the specified amounts required by the California State Department of BSIS (Bureau of Security Investigative Services). We believe the second most important thing is to look at the training and expertise of the security guards themselves, and at J3 we provide you with the most well trained men and women who all come from Law Enforcement backgrounds.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Our philosophy is that in order to retain the highest quality security professionals in the industry, we must compensate them according to their qualifications, while keeping costs pleasing to our client. With that said, cost differentiates based on liability, exposure, duration, location, and size (how many security officers will be needed).

Q: What makes J3 Protective Services different from other security companies?

A: Our company has shared focus on two important subjects for over 15 years, quality customer service alongside expert security services. By maintaining these two our company has earned a respected reputation throughout all of our work. Including notable security accounts with Saks Fifth Avenue and Hilton Worldwide, in addition to working elite events such as the Golden Globes, SAG and Academy Awards.